Date to re-open Noisebridge?

Hi All,

Are we thinking about a date to officially reopen noisebridge?

Do we want to have some kind of promotion around this?

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I think we want to hit a certain level of new cases before re-opening. Currently, SF has stagnated at 35-40 new cases per day, and I believe Yellow Tier is around 10 new cases per day.

One proposal officially opening when SF moves to the Yellow Tier, although I realize the number of new cases in the Mission is still relatively high.

Another is opening specifically in late June, as California is reopening June 15 and people will expect to come back. I’d bring this to the meeting.

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note in particular census tract 06075020800 … aka “the area bounded by 17th, 22nd, Valencia and South Van Ness” - population 6399 / 15 cases reported between March 12th through April 10th.

Not great, not terrible … (still about twice the rate elsewhere in the mission)

Hopefully will be seeing much better numbers there over the next weeks and months.

thinking about that hyperlocal statistic in the neighborhood around noisebridge …

  • 15 new cases reported in the last 30 days with population 6339
  • that is, 0.5 new cases per day per 6339
  • equivalent to 7.81 new cases per day per 100,000
  • seems like an order of magnitude better than it was a month ago!
  • but … “yellow tier” requires less than 2 new cases per day per 100,000

Looking at - lots of context to consider, good news is decent vaccination rates now in the mission as well as the rest of SF.

Excited for Noisebridge to reopen!

Here are the updated SF rules as of April 15: San Francisco to Reopen and Expand Additional Businesses and Activities | Office of the Mayor

The biggest note imo is that places can operate a “vaccinated-only” section at 100%.

I’m curious about how we’re thinking about filters to reopen.

Option 1: Reopen given a state tier (e.g. Yellow, a certain amount of prevalence)
Option 2: Reopen with vaccination status. For example, I think it’d be possible to reopen for anyone that can produce “proof of vaccination.”

I’m personally interested in #2. It’s generally how I’m going to live Stage 1 of COVID reopening in my personal life (indoors only with vaccinated folks). But it might be against Noisebridge’s policy of being open to all folks. It also might be logistically difficult to pull off. I could see delegating this to event organizers. e.g. Some events vax only, some open to all.

What do you y’all think?

So we are currently undergoing construction, which means:

  • Figuring out the lock system
  • Getting floor plans for the elevator, and subsequently other items
  • Arranging items and setting up the rooms for reopening

These items (especially the third) could use help for volunteers, though! Once we get the lock situation ready (sometime early May), we can get vaccinated people to help build out Noisebridge.