Cyberpunks write code. In particular, they build AIs

So learn yourself the basics, and get at it.

Here’s Bishop. Read it. Ask me if you have any questions.

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What do you think of Google’s ML crash course? I went through the first 2 hours (of 15-20) amf thought it was fantastic.


I looked at it briefly last month, and my impression was that it looked super well done. I know the stuff in it, but I kind of want to go through it anyway!

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If someone else would commit to 3-4 alternating weeks to bootstrap a self-directed Intro to AI study based on this I will commit to the other 3-4 weeks.

The Whiteboarding self-directed study is a great example, Bernice started it, people kept coming, and now @ggorlen is there regularly to direct it. (@ggorlen, any thoughts how to make this successful? How can we attract and help another person like yourself to take ownership?)

I think someone has to be there to lead the first 30-60m to get the group used to self-study. The group can then decide how they want to proceed through the texts, and we can help provide answers to questions, impromptu tutoring, or whatever. If there are enough people to support the group, hopefully they can gain sufficient momentum to continue and run with it.

thoughts, options, etc?

My interest in teaching AI to people is limited to individual mentoring of those who already know linear alg, stats, and calc.

If you know that stuff, and want to know where to go from there, I’m always stoked to give you advice on what to read (read Bishop), and help you out with concepts. I did that a bunch with (Currently on hiatus) Nick, and found it rewarding bc he had the maturity to work on his own.

Oh btw elimisteve, I squatted this guild kind of as a joke, as cyberpunks != cypherpunks. Cypherpunk is actually a legit subculture, and I think it would be cool someday if Cyberpunk turned into an equivalently legit subculture for doing liberating/rebellious shit with AI. You know, like in the books.

You mean like having Tor-connected AI-powered chat bots that activists can assign increasingly sophisticated tasks to?

Once I learn more ML I plan to do just that, and anyone who wants to help is more than welcome to :fist: . I will organize more privacy hackathons soon and this could be a key piece of it!

Bots I plan to build soon include:

  • Tor downloader bot
    • You give it a URL to a file => It downloads it over Tor, encrypts it, uploads it to a location you can safely download it from
  • “Web watcher” bot that you can ask to watch certain websites or RSS feeds for certain keywords that you want to keep an eye on (e.g., “steve bannon” or “ICE raids”), then @-mentions you with a link to what it found when it finds something

A cop facial recognition AI bot could come in handy… User uploads pic => Bot tells you which cop it’s likely a picture of.

What else can we think of?

I’d define liberating/rebellious loosely as anything that puts AI in the hands of the people, rather than large corps. Similarly to the cypherpunks idea of using crypto to protect individuals from the state. It could be as simple as having the weights for your Google assistant on your phone, rather than in the cloud. Or it could be stuff like

  • Fake news detection algorithms, deployed as an app.

  • Building architecture so that models can be trained on a community owned grid, rather than eg AWS.

  • Any sort of locally running algo, running on a smartphone/AR device, that enhances your senses/capabilities as a human.

  • Pushing through the development of algos that scare the masses who aren’t ready for change/that fundamentally alter the status quo. Or building algos from papers that large corps have deemed the weights ‘unsafe’ to release for whatever reason.

  • Hacking into corps that develop dangerous/weaponizable AI tech, and releasing that info to the public, to ‘democratize the danger’ so to speak.

  • Just doing basic research and writing papers

A number of these would probably have the side effect of making society into a bigger mess than it already is (eg deepfake/deepnude tech) but that’s inevitable, and preferable to having this sort of power held over us by corps.

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