Curious on PXE or similar booting of machine images at Noisebridge

Continuing the discussion from SuperTuxKart back up: How can we better maintain basic images of these machines?

  • Laser Cutter pc
  • SuperTuxKart Box
  • Gnar (Music Station)
  • Naw (Music Station)

etc. It would be nice to keep easily recoverable images of each functional system. Thoughts? Could PXE network booting or Virtual Machine images help?


PXE booting is awesome! I cobbled together a couple of personal scripts for generating PXE images on my home network to use:

I’ve used clonezilla in the past, it’s great for making and restoring disk images.


Happy to help with PXE boot stuff. I’ve been doing this kind of stuff since the late '90s. In addition to just imaging, there’s script-based install stuff like Cobbler0. This has the advantage that you don’t need to keep an image up to date. For generating images, there is Packer1.

We can setup the necessary infrastructure on Pegasus.


If I can boot an anaconda file to install the latest fedora, I will offer to maintain the 3d printer setup. Cobbler should do that last I used it?