CryptoParty: Surveillance Self-Defense Workshop for Activists & Other Non-geeks!

Looking to do more to protect yourself online? Looking for better, safer ways to organize with your comrades?

If you answered “yes” to either of the above, this is the event for you!

At this CryptoParty/surveillance self-defense workshop you will learn (a) how to safely use privacy-preserving tools and (b) beginner-friendly security best practices such as:

  1. General security/privacy advice, and resources for getting more ( ; )

  2. Tor, for browsing the web anonymously ( )

  3. Signal and Wire, for secure messaging, audio chat, and video chat ( ; )

  4. VPNs, for protecting yourself on shared wifi connections and more ( )

  5. ProtonMail, for sending and receiving encrypted email ( )

  6. EffectiveAF, simple task management software for activists and human rights organizations (mostly created at Noisebridge!) ( )

  7. Recommended search engines, web browsers, and browser extensions

We may not get time to cover every single thing mentioned, so if there’s something you’re looking to learn about in particular, leave a comment here or email me ( or ) and I’ll be sure to include your tool of choice in the workshop!

Tell your privacy-curious non-computer-geek friends!

When: Friday August 23 from 6pm-9pm

Where: Noisebridge (in the Hackitorium)

More info:


This looks excellent.

If you want I can post it on some of the NB social media, but if you already have lots of people going that’s probably not a great idea until after. Let me know if you have any copy you want to me use or if you trust me to try my best I will.


@mpmckenna8 So far 11 people have RSVP’d – not too many – so go ahead and spread the good word!

Some combination of the copy I’ve used above, the copy I put at , and whatever you come up with should be good to go :sunglasses: :slight_smile:. Thanks!

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Please just be sure to make it clear that this is an event that caters to non-technical people. But geeks are of course welcome to come, too :smile: .

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Yay! This is most excellent indeed, Steve! I’m thrilled to see you hosting this workshop - I’ve been curious about your thoughts on this level of self-defense.

Thank you for making this happen! I’m unable to attend on that date, but definitely appreciate you posting those links to check out.

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