Crypto Selloff Schedule [4/6/2020]

I’ll be updating this document every Monday ~ 12:00PM until 7/27/2020. Noisebridge will be cost averaging out of it’s crypto holdings over a 20 week schedule, or until the total crypto exposure is < 20%.


So awesome! Thanks Tyler! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind buying some Bitcoin in an in-person, cash sort of way (if possible). I don’t use brokerage websites which force you to use your SSN, driver’s license, checking account or credit card information. (Lafayette, CA - East Bay). DM me if this works.

Just for perspective Noisebridge is reducing its crypto holdings after a bitcoin donation from Kraken.

Not sure about cash transactions, I do know there are some “brokers” out there.

Alternatively have you tried a bitcoin ATM? I think they let you buy too, not sure how much info they ask for though.

Bitcoin ATMs require you to enter your Driver’s License so I’m not into that. My reason for owning cryptocurrency would be to keep the government out of my business. I’m not intending to do anything illegal at all. I feel that paper currency has the anonymous aspect which I prefer. Neither MasterCard nor Visa can create a profile on me and I like that. So for me, keeping my SSN out of the transaction means that the government would never know that I have some BTC nor ETH nor if I buy an ice cream cone or a bulldozer with same; it’s really none of their business.

All the online brokers I’ve seen also ask for these same pieces of identifying information (checking account number, SSN or Driver’s License) which all have your SSN as the primary key in a database and which therefore are tracked. I get that they are trying to minimize their own risk but this doesn’t meet my own needs.