Creative Spaces Grant - could be used for fixing the elevator

Here is more info on the Grant from the SF Arts Commission.

Due date is 11/21

creative space funding Categories

PLANNING GRANTS: Grants for up to $50,000 to arts organizations for the planning or pre-planning of the development and/or acquisition of arts facilities. Funds may be used for overall plan development or specific components, such as: feasibility studies, design and engineering consultations, financial and management analysis, market analysis, site analysis, needs assessment, or capital campaign preparation. The applicant organization may use a San Francisco-based tax-exempt fiscal sponsor to apply for a Creative Space planning grant.

FACILITY IMPROVEMENT GRANTS: Grants for up to $100,000 to tax-exempt arts organizations with programming space for capital improvements. The affected spaces must be integral to the organization’s arts activities. Multiple projects may be included in the request and must meet at least one of the following priorities:

  1. Emergency situations that render the artistic activities at a creative space inoperable such as to correct cited fire, ADA and/or safety code violations or to address issues prior to receiving a citation.

  2. Increase the capacity of the creative space by significantly improving an organization’s artistic presentation such as improved stage floor, lighting systems, or new sound equipment.

  3. Positive effects on audience accessibility, comfort, and enjoyment of the creative space such as soundproofing, seating areas, or heating/cooling equipment.

  • LEVEL 1: Grants up to $50,000 for arts organizations that have at least three years remaining on their lease at the start of the grant term, or, have a year-to-year lease and have leased the space for a minimum of ten years prior to the start of the grant term.

  • LEVEL 2: Grants up to $100,000 for arts organizations that hold title to their space, or have a lease with at least five years remaining on their lease at the start of the grant term


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