COVID19 Resources

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Add California Residents Online Resources for Shelter-in-Place through May 3rd

Bay Area Local Resources:

Projects for staying safe and getting involved:
UCSF Call for Assistance with creating equipment.

other Online Resources to check out:

Seven Stills (SF brewery and distillery) Just changed a chunk of their facility into production of hand sanitizer.

You can buy it here, or choose to donate it to a local non profit (you can also buy whisky).

Buying from them both supports a local business that has been severely affected by the pandemic and allows both you and local hospitals to get more hand sanitizer.

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I don’t seem to have the ability to edit this, but here’s the instruction sheet I’ve been working on on our wiki:

This is based on the instructions put out by Deaconess Health (Evansville, IN) for their local mask drive, which were in turn based on the pattern from the Turban Project. This version fills in some missing detail, and also provides a strap variant since elastic has gotten scarce.

It’s still being improved; I need to take out the bit about paper clips (paper clips rust). But it should be possible to follow the instructions as they are today.

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Fixed :heart:

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