COVID-19 and Noisebridge (Status: Noisebridge is closed)

Minor update, removed the Stupid Shit bit (since no longer happening) and added an open question for whether we should close (spoiler: answer right now on 3-15 is I have no idea)

I do see people coughing and sneezing in the space(and not always covering their mouth, I realize it’s dusty, I sneeze too.)

I understand that we do need to get ahead of this in two ways:

  1. We become extremely clean and manage hygiene in the space.
  2. Limit number of classes and people in the space all at once?

CHM & covid-19
I’m going to be implementing mostly online tutorials & for the people who do show up for CHM I’m going to be asking them to get on a Chromebook/ laptop while I stream the content. This way I’m not going over to each person and possibly passing things around because of my interaction with each person.

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@Roboto All important steps, and good on you for getting the ball rolling.

Just updated the post w/ new CDC guidance.

I call people’s attention especially to the 8 weeks part. I know some folks are (maybe wishfully) expecting/planning for this to all blow over by the end of March or some point in April.

8 weeks means mid-May.

Anyone who’s stocking up on supplies, planning grocery orders, smoothing things over with their boss, working from home, etc. needs to plan accordingly.

This also has mindset and mental-health ramifications. Both the pandemic and social distancing are stressful and hard and isolating, and a lot of economic damage is going to be done by dramatically reduced business, so of course people are looking forward to it being over—but it will not be over soon. We need to prepare ourselves to keep doing this for the next 8 weeks.

Check in with friends. Schedule voice or video calls. Play D&D or something. Isolate our bodies but not our selves.

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Thanks, good point that should be on top. Updated to reflecft that

There’s a “shelter in place” from midnight to April 7. My guess is Noisebridge isn’t an essential business in this context…

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Editing post now to reflect new situation.

The order from DPH:

That’s for the City; five other counties (I know some folks live in the East Bay) and the city of Berkeley are under similar orders. Check your county for details.

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Post updated to trim out old info and add the “what you can do to help” section

This is not as strict as most believe!

As long as you stay 6 feet away from others, you are free to walk, hike, and run:

iii. To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with Social Distancing Requirements as defined in this Section, such as, by way of example and without limitation, walking, hiking, or running.

There’s now a statewide, indefinite Order that omits that exception:

Updated link to the statewide order

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My home sewing machine is at noisebridge. I put it there after the industrial machines were shut down. Is there any way for me to get in and get it so I can sew from home?
I have a key but front gate is locked?

They misleadingly make it appear that way at first, but the state-wide order is quite similar to the SF one we had earlier, including the exact exception I mentioned above for SF. From , which is linked to from the site containing the state-wide order:

That’s definitely been expanded from the first version:

Mayor Breed said the other day that the City Attorney believes the two orders are “complementary” and that they’re working with the state to clarify, so this seems like a product of that effort:

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Updated with info on chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin (short version: DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE)


Self-Medicate with: Veggies, Rest, Water, and Laughter. @noah thanks for being that guy. Cheers.

at least the people the CDC put in front of the media seem more concerned with the president’s feels than data

Minor update to trim out out of date sections and clarify language.

I’m real concerned to see how loose the guidelines are here to the community. I’ve been warning folks about this for weeks, as those of us in the Infectious Disease Community have been in the know for a while.

All the measures currently being taken in San Francisco are not enough to control this pandemic. The ongoing casual outdoor activities, the lack of use of face masks and gloves, the lack of disinfecting items… It’s all going to cost us in the end.

I’ve created a guide with medical studies and lots of information and research to help those that are actually interested in taking this spread more seriously. The measures adopted by China, Taiwan, and others to get numbers under control are far more strict than anything we have here. To be honest, the measures mayor Breed and the CDC are putting forward are a joke.

Feel free to message me if you want the resource and info guide.

Please err on the side of caution folks and don’t trust mayor Breed and the CDC for all your guidelines. This thing has gotten out of hand because of their lack of leadership.

A 21 year old with no previous health complications was killed by Coronavirus in the UK. So people out there that think “it’s only going to kill off old and sick people” may get an ugly reality check later.