Coverstitch machine fundraising

Hi sewing people,
I’d really love to have access to a coverstitch machine. This is the machine that makes the type of hem on all your t shirts. It’s a really professional looking finish, it works on both wovens and knits (it stretches!), and it’s by far the least annoying way to hem a knit. In fact I simply don’t hem my knits that I sew for myself because it’s too annoying and hard to make it look good without a coverstitch machine. But I would like to!

I’m looking online and they cost over three hundred dollars. I’m willing to pitch $100. If a few others pledge some money that totals another $100, we can get the rest matched by the equipment fund to spend $400 on a coverstitch machine.

Who’s in with me??


Is the treasurer still tracking our “sewing fund” that had the vice donation I secured and other such monies? It seems like this would be a great use for it

I checked if our current machines can do a coverstitch and the answer is no. We have a industrial safety stitch machine that I’ve configured to do a 3 thread overlock stitch, and it only has those two options. We also have a home serger currently loaded with different colors of threads and that’s not capable of coverstitch either.

$125 pledged! I just looked up the Brother 2340CV and it looks like its $340 on Amazon, including tax. We only have $45 more to go before we can cover the full amount with matching from the equipment fund!

I can pitch in the remaining $45


I found a friend with a 1 year old used Brother 2340 CV with all its attachments, for $200. She’s going to bring it to Noisebridge at 2PM on Friday and I will Venmo her the money. @mana @boredzo let’s split the cost proportionally; originally i was going to pitch $100, peter $25 and john $45. We can now pitch $59 from me, $15 from Peter, and $26 from John. Sound good?

Works for me, just let me know what account to Venmo the money :+1:

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@mcscope we recently spent I think $120 on repairs (with the apparel city technician back in March), $80 on supplies online, and I spent $30 at apparel city recently. So I think the sewing fund is actually depleted.