CostCo run for Paper Towels

Can someone put together a CostCo run for paper towels? I don’t know the combination of Cars and Memberships but I’m sure we can pull this together.

If we have to raise money that’s fine, my understanding is that they are like 15-20 for the big packages.

Perfect example of a discretionary fund item. Just buy them and the treasurer will reimburse you.

We might want to set up a reoccuring delivery too as an amazon subscription. @gaardn What do you think?

We do have paper towels on subscription from Amazon, but if it’s not enough and we need more right now, it’s okay to run downstairs to Mi Ranchito or grab a big pack from Costco. Just post the receipt and I’ll reimburse you.

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Aswesome, we’ve been out for a while. What’s the delivery schedule? I haven’t see a box of those in a really long time.

I was really hoping some new people would step up to buy them. I’ve been loudly hinting at it…


Monthly on the 23rd:
Teas’ Tea Unsweetened
Amazon Brand - Presto! Paper Towels

While I’m poking around our Amazon orders, do we want to add anything as a recurring delivery?

Hm. We just got Tea 1-3 days ago, but no paper towels. We did get TP tho, but only 12 rolls total.

We should be getting 24 rolls of TP in each order.

Also, when I glanced at the order I misread it - it’s TP, not paper towels. We don’t have an order for paper towels.

OK,i might be misremembering the box contents. I highly doubt amazon is wrong.

A 24 pack of paper towels per month should do it. That’s almost 1/day. If we run out of those it’s not a big deal at all. Not like TP… :expressionless:

Alright, paper towels are on the way; estimated delivery March 7.

I’ve also added a few snacks & beverages - if they do well and are popular, I’ll add 'em to recurring delivery.

There’s a poll in #random for those that are Slack users for snack suggestions - totally cool to request more options on Discuss as well.

Here’s what’s coming:
March 2
96 pack, Cottonelle toilet paper
24 pack, Maruchan vegetarian ramen
36 pack, Maruchan chicken ramen
18 pack, Pringles variety
80 pack, Welch’s fruit snacks
48 pack, Stretch Island fruit leather

March 3
24 pack, IZZE Sparkling Juice

March 6
140 pack, Skittles fun size

March 7
16 pack, Genuine Joe recycled paper towels (250 units/pack)

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I found an article of someone who did the math of buying at costco vs amazon subscription for these kinds of things - amazon is slightly more expensive but you save on time. Seems like a good way to conserve volunteer power.