Copper Rod and Propane Torch For Chlorine Testing?

I have some fake leather I’d like to potentially cut on the laser. However, before I do I would like to see if it is PU or PVC faux leather since PVC leather would of course be out of the question for cutting. The Noisebridge wiki mentions a test involving a copper rod and propane torch however, I haven’t been able to find such materials around Noisebridge. Does anyone know if we have these tools lying around, and if so where they could be found? Thanks!

Nice job actually reading the wiki. I think we have a torch in the sparkleforge somewhere - look on the shelves and in the boxes. As to copper, maybe in the metal scrap? Or laser cutter toolbox?

Might be able to take a snip or two of electrical wire and strip it. There’s spools up on top of the shelves to the left of the laser cutter computer.