Consensus Proposal: Vaccine policy renewal

I realized that our last COVID policy was only valid for 90 days after the end of September, presumably because we expected Delta to be the last major wave. It wasn’t, and many new and returning people have raised questions about our COVID policy.
My understanding from the meeting history was that the original policy was as follows:

  • Noisebridge is vax-positive and part of Excellence is to be fully vaccinated as to help others not get sick (boosters weren’t widely available when the consensus was made)
  • Explicitly requiring vaccination records (save for an external event) was frowned upon, because it directly clashes with anonymity culture at Noisebridge. Proposals to show backs of vaccine cards were raised, but not pursued, as most people aren’t lying about their vaccination status.
  • Mask policy is small-C consensus, continuously updated.

But, that policy has expired, so it needs to be renewed. So, let’s renegotiate our COVID policy over the next couple weeks: Current Consensus Items - Noisebridge .
The above will be proposed as default, but keep in mind consensus items can be changed during the process. We want to make sure we have a policy that everyone agrees on so that it can be passed.

Here is the meetings from the past consensus (discussions per meeting are short, although over many meetings):

Please feel free to comment or propose edits to this proposal!