Comparison of Hackerspaces

Had a conversation with a guy who belonged to the Dallas Makerspace when he lived in Texas.
Insurance: he said that after much effort, the makerspace succeeded in obtaining insurance to cover the entire space. E.g., if someone cut off a finger in the woodshop, there was insurance. It was more than Director’s and Officer’s insurance.
He said that for insurance reasons, they banned all alcohol from the space.
The Dallas Makerspace has about 2,000 members.
Their website lists the following activities: 3D Design, Arts, Blacksmithing, CNC Machining, Electronics, Photography, Pottery, Robots, Sewing, Welding, Woodworking. There is a committee in charge of each activity. There is a board of directors and officers: President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer. The space is much larger than Noisebridge (possibly 36,000 sq. ft.); it is rented. The standard membership fee is $60/month.

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