Comedy Fundraiser Recap: $523.64

On Saturday we brought in a total of $523.64. Huge shoutout to @VictorT for organizing the event. And thanks to everyone who came by to support NoiseBridge.

Source Cash
Eventbrite $17.64
BarBot $175.00
Paypal $23.00
Door Cash $308.00
Total $523.64

edit: bad at math


Dude thanks so much for helping pull it off Tyler. The comedians all had a great time too.

I feel like all the flyers we gave out at dolores park also worked, even if people didnt come to the event, they were all really intrigued by noisebridge as a space and will definitely remember my pitch for the cause.


We would love to do it again, it would only get better, hopefully we can get on some publications like SF fun cheap. Would also love to emphasize a interesting tech demo side of the event, just like how bar bot was pretty much a display installation.


I knew the event was a hit when I had to haul eight more chairs from the back and squeeze them into the hackatorium. The comedians were great, although the last one struggled a bit because he was entirely improv and we’re a weird crowd.

One thing to note about the “door” money was - not very many people gave money at the actual door (at least when I was working the door).

What brought in loads of cash was when I went up and down the aisles with the tip jar just after the last act (when people were on an emotional high) and asked for tips - people were stuffing 5’s and even 20’s into the jar.

We should remember this for next time.