Comedy Event Fundraiser

Hey y’all,

I pitched an event at this Tuesday’s meeting about running a comedy show fundraiser. Gonna schedule the event on all calendars I can find for Noisebridge, will add details soon, for now just reserving the date. Going to be Saturday October 5th.

Would love help from anyone else who has run an event performance at noisebridge, anyone who wants to contribute with a set of hands, setup/cleanup. Will be a suggested donation show, free entry. Tell your friends!

EDIT: Changed the date to 08/12



Really looking forward to the event Victor!

Have you been set up on meetup yet?

@gaardn, who manages the eventbrite page, is traveling for the next week or so. But when she gets back we can get the eventbrite page set up for you.

I bumped the date one Saturday to get a comic who was booked on the show and give a little more run up time.

I REALLY would like some people to make things to raffle off.

Also @themanmaran I feel like I really want to know the legality of the bar robot. Maybe best not to ask questions. Hopefully 2.0 is fully functioning by October 12th, its definitely going to be a huge hit.

@gaardn Please let me know when you have time to talk about the event brite.

This is event is going to be a hit! So happy to bring funds and people into Noisebridge

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2.0 will be functional in time.

Legality? Well we like to think of it as a very fancy beer fridge. With a donation jar on top.

I think that building things to raffle off would be a great idea. We had that concept for our Gala back in April. But we didn’t get a lot of items in the auction (that didn’t stop us from selling a pickled book for $200 tho…).

I’ll see if I can rally some people to get building!

Thanks for the connection!