Colonialism & Climate Change/ Wepa(n) Fundraiser

My name is Sage Mace, I currently am a student and work for Accion Latina, a neighboring non-profit to Noisebridge. Currently, my fundraising team Wepa(n) is planning a fundraiser for December 21st which will explore the intersection of climate change and colonialism through the arts and a panel discussion.

The panel currently includes a Puerto Rican activist/Ethnic Studies Professor, a Chicano Studies Professor /Editor of a bilingual paper as well as an African Studies Professor, who was also a former Black Panther. Submissions for the art showcase are currently being sent to Wepa(n)'s instagram (@wepan_coalition and @bliss.rios) for review.

I visited Noisebridge two weeks ago and made inventory of what will be needed to put on a successful community event. If anyone is interested in helping to event plan or submitting art related to the theme of social justice, please come and talk to me at the upcoming community meeting on Tuesday!