Collaborative Document Editing available at

I’m looking to setup CodiMD as a collaborative markdown editor at It is similar to etherpad, which we use for meeting notes currently, and is a very nice alternative.

docker-compose wants to run on port 3000. Will I run into any issues if is already on that port?

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@James We have something running on port 3000 already but we could (1) change the compose file you mention or (2) perhaps use docker run -p 3001:3000 ... or the like to use 3001 on the host rather than 3000 (though I’m much more familiar with Docker/rkt/Podman than Docker Compose).

Can you link us here to the docker-compose.yml?

CodiMD is now known as HedgeDoc and our system is migrated to their latest release.

CodiMD is now running. The remaining issue seems to be with the nginx configuration, which enables but doesn’t work correctly after nginx restart. See CodiMD thread here. This is very close to done.

Here is the nginx config example from their documentation for reference.

After a fix for our nginx config, this is now live at