CNC Machine fundraising

Hi all,
We recently got the Grizzly CNC machine up and running. This is a pretty nice machine as far as what you might find in a hacker space and has had the factory acme lead screws replaced with Thompson Ball Screws. It’s more accurate than the Tormach that Tech Shop had and will allow for new classes of projects and prototyping in the space (as well as new classes to be taught such as Fusion 360 CAD to CAM).

Currently there are still upgrades that need to be made in order for this machine to be fully utilized and maintained. These include adapters for various sizes of tools, software lisencing, as well as significant measures to make the machine indestructible.

We have added a donation box next to the machine, and any funds donated will be matched by the Noisebridge Equipment Fund. Currently we have good people working on it but limited funding is a serious bottleneck. Literally any donation helps and goes a long way.

Thank you!


Is there someone who can give me a demo, show me how to operate it? Also, how much is needed to unblock the bottleneck? Thanks. J

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Very cool, @David. And thanks much for taking the time to go over the machine and what you’re doing. With all the hype around CNC, Industry 4.0, etc., it seems to me that much of the real work is retrofitting manufacturing for the 21st Century, one G0463 at a time! So thanks for making this happen. J


Good to meet you this afternoon and thanks for your donation toward the project! We now have enough funds to get a compatible r8 collet set and edge finder - we will probably order that on Friday and have it late next week.

We will continue to fundraise for a dedicated vise and work holding for the machine but with these collets we can at least get started on some real projects. Once we get feedback and see how the machine works we can also add a safety enclosure and some lights. I’m planning to make a shelf to organize the tools so we can keep track of them. After you left @_ar helped to set up the full version of mach3 and I got the machine configured with all the limits so that should take care of software for now.