Club Mate -- Who wants to go in on some?

Anyone interested in group buying Club Mate somehow, even without the space?

Here are the instructions on ordering:

Their site:

Just not sure what the minimum order size will be.

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There is a store at Jackson and Webster that stocks the smaller bottles for $3.99 ;p

FYI, I pinged the West Coast distributor…

Pallet price is 48 x $39,95/case
(20x500ml bottles per case) + CRV.
Self pickup in San Leandro, CA.

I’d be interested in splitting a pallet with some folks in Oakland and SF and potentially have a distro/storage spot available to break down to single case or bottles.

Did y’all wind up going in on some Club Mate? If anyone’s still down, I’m looking about trying to buy a few cases.

@jdecked I don’t think we did, personally waiting until I come back in May to bring this up again. I’m trying to avoid caffeine, but there’s nothing like Club Mate