Cloud/Dedicated storage for sharing | Digital Assets for 3D design | Blender Class

Hey Folkx!

I have many high quality assets, addons and files that are very expensive or difficult to acquire that I want to share with my blender class students and other developers at NB.

I need a good, clean, safe and secure (any 3 of the 4) solution for file sharing that is not dependent on my personal computer network connection. Basically not like DC++.

Suggestions appreciated. But someone who can quickly throw a prototype right now would be great. I can share a file as an example. Myself, and every person coming to my class would be forever grateful for this.

How much storage space do you need?

Stick Syncthing on a computer in the space? Alternately, if people don’t want to fiddle with installing software, python3 -m http.server should work on pretty much any Linux box.

Syncthing sounds like the way to go. Any way I can transfer files to a dedicated server/PC at NB and have that be the central node?

As for space, 5gb would be gobbled up in a split second. Atleast 200gigs I would say would be good for starters.

Great. Do we have:

  • 1tb or larger disk in the space
  • a specific machine to run it on

Syncthing is very easy to use. It is device-to-device, so very simple to transfer large files once we install it on a machine with enough storage.

I think I know a specific machine to run it on. I am thinking about the tower behind the TV screen upstairs. I don’t know how much space that thing has, but I believe it is on almost all the time aswell. I think @sophia_wisdom was running a Plex server on that. Right?

Not sure what the state of the Plex install is, but AFAIK it’s set up with a 1TB external drive.

I don’t think Plex is actively running right now, and the tower was moved slightly. It’s currently used as our Jitsi server. Tl;dr it’s there but not currently functional.
I would try and install the stuff @wolf mentioned on the current desktop, and see how that goes.