Clearing out all personal stuff (lockers/project shelves/etc)

Hi folks! It’s looking as though the NB move in the upcoming months/weeks is all but certain now. We don’t have an exact schedule nor are we sure of our destination, but wanted to give maximum notice so everyone has time to wind down their projects and get their stuff.

Please clear out all personal stuff (including lockers, project shelves, etc) in the upcoming weeks!

We’ll keep y’all updated, but the more stuff we can empty out sooner, the better. I, for one, am emptying out my locker and other materials this week. Eventually, anything left behind will have to be assumed to be trash and/or property of NB. Reducing the load is an excellent way to be excellent.


Thank you for posting this reminder! Very important.

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Date is now set for everything needing to be cleared by April 17