Cleaning Weekend!

Next weekend is cleaning weekend! It’s fun, it’s one of the few times everyone in the space is working towards the same goal.

NB will be effectively closed, meaning no other work except cleaning.

Food is provided, and the effort, even of a few hours, definitely pays off.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Can we make sure to have at least one working shop vac in time for the cleaning weekend? Unfortunately someone stole the removable motor for the 16gal 6hp vac donated by justin laser bong (this working unit sells new for $99 if my searching is correct). Ideally the replacement vacuum will not have a removable motor so that it doesn’t get stolen again (although in principle it’s super convenient to be able to shuttle the motor between different base stations rather than a 16 gallon vacuum).

@themanmaran I think we need to get this from nb. it’s something everyone benefits from.

we have sufficient time to order it and get it delivered, probably less than 100.

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No arguments here. If anyone finds a good deal and orders one I’ll send the reimbursement. If not I can try to grab one in the next week.

Also for cleaning weekend we need to follow up with the landlord on the elevator. Because that will hugely impact our ability to throw things away.

if people can come.on Sunday to support the effort, we can (and have) done it. I believe two cleaning days ago 3 people hauled 2.2 tons of garbage down the stairs. if things are too big/heavy, that’s what we have angle grinders for :smiling_imp:

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I donated a “dirt devil” a while ago. Not really a shop vac, but might work if nothing else shows up. It is on top of the hack shelves…

Ok, ordered one for 53 bucks, will post receipt when we get it. free returns if it doesn’t suck.

It’s a stanley 4hp 5 gal thing which should be sufficient at the price for now.

Is the elevator working?

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It is not work. Last we heard from Brian is that Advances Elevators is being slow to respond. No further info.

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:raised_hand: What are the official start and end times?

Start closing Noisebridge at noon tomorrow, finish by noon on Sunday. there’s events Sunday afternoon.

We will put up signs starting that Noisebridge is closed except for people who want to help clean.


Has anyone reserved a truck for a Sunday morning dump run? Are we going to need to make a dump run?

Thanks for the reminder, no truck rented yet. What size do we usually get? 10’? bigger?

I expect to need to do a dump run, the place is a mess.

20’ truck reserved


Excellent. For past cleaning days I’ve picked it up as early as possible before all the parking along mission street fills up and then filled it with debris.

I’m guessing that you are picking up the truck if you’ve reserved it. Do you need any help with it? What time do you expect to be at NB with the truck, I can meet you at NB to help load up trash.

Ideally we would get as many people as possible to help, since we’re going to be using the stairs.

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I’ll be at NB tomorrow afternoon to help stage debris near the entry to the space.

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The last time I rented a u-haul I hit a city bus so i wouldn’t mind if someone else drove. (it was just one mirror, they stick out way farther than I understood). But I can do it, it’s not far. The truck is at the u-haul on Alameda.

I have it reserved fo 8:30, but could do it earlier, i guess that would be a good idea?

Hmm… That’s a lot of extra miles to put on a uhaul. I could reserve on at the bryant location near NB for 7am pickup and go get it myself. What do you think?

Oops, it’s on Bryant, but the cross is Alameda