Cleaning weekend recap!

Lots of things got moved!

Somethings are better. Some things are worse.

Some projects probably disappeared.

Just a reminder not to have hard feelings over things being moved in the space. It’s just stuff, and it can always be moved again!

On the plus side - a TON OF TRASH was removed from the space. Excellent people worked all weekend on cleaning the building and it really shows!


:clap::fuckinglookatthisrainbowsheep::1000: Thanks to everyone who worked hard and helped get Noisebridge is shape.

I have personally got inspired to try make a better trash system, and maybe look into a permanent way to keep the fruit flies under control… before it is too late! :scream_cat:


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I write this because I do not want my silence regarding the changes to imply approval of them.

I do have hard feelings about the cleaning weekend. Many of the things I did to improve the space in past years have been undone, and the space is worse off in my opinion. For me it is not “just stuff” it is significant time and expense I spent on the space, it feels like a rejection of the love and care I put into the space; and I am fine having hard feelings about it. Of course, I could just be being over sensitive.

I accept that that is how do-ocracy goes sometimes; I’ve made changes that people didn’t approve of myself. I think these changes are a step in the direction of entropy and the workspaces changed are less functional now. I could be wrong so I hope the new changes end up working out for Noisebridge and I’m told there is more work to be done to fix them up. In the meantime I have no intention to spend time or effort reverting them.

Eventually I’ll probably get over it. For now, I’m taking an indefinite break from working on Noisebridge, but I haven’t been doing much anyway lately. I’ll keep up with the permit stuff for 2169 Mission I’ve already committed to, but since the space no longer matches the permit drawings and the sewing area blocks our fire exit some things will need to be adjusted if/when we need to get inspections.


I agree with @hicksu in thattthere was not nearly enough discussion with the affected people before such a major change was made. Such a big change really feels like it borders on requiring big c consensus, and based on what I’m seeing here and in Slack, this was not agreed upon or even discussed with the affected groups.

Once this has been discussed, I’d be happy to help move things if we decide to.


I agree. Many of the moved areas were left unusable. The space is less dirty but also less functional.

Any specific problem areas that need the most help?

James had mentioned some of the new music area not being suitable for music - should we move everything or part of it? I wasn’t involved in moving the music stuff but happy to help.

I didnt personally like the welding stuff moved to Turing Workshop mainly because of ventilation issues - we should at very minimum have a system in place before moving it anywhere. On the other hand, the welding area was constantly overflowing previously making cleanup difficult, work harder, and likely compromised safety. I suggest, based on others input and my own, that we consider moving the electric kiln or getting rid of it (sadly) and also removing the stone table that is currently under the vent (?). We can then replace these with the welding table or leave it as new space for better working conditions.

I wasn’t here for the cleaning weekend, but am just checking out the space now - it looks like there were four major changes:

  • metal / cnc related things moved into the turing room (but not welding?)
  • sewing things moved near the library
  • music things moved in the old sewing area
  • (3d) printing things moved into the sparkle forge

To me, the sewing and music switch isn’t that big of a difference, its kind of nice to see all the music stuff in one spot instead of separated between the hackatorium & over near the bathrooms.

However, the sparkle forge disassembly doesn’t quite make sense to me. By moving the metal-related stuff into turing, we lose a meeting room but I’m not really sure what we gain in particular by separating it.

We lose a meeting room in Turning, but we gain a lot of space in Sparkle Forge. And I really like the big table in SparkleForge now. It’s great nice for laser cutting projects. And will be nice for any classes that set up in there (laser training, 3d printing, etc.).

Welding / grinding is kinda a separate matter from Milling/CNC. In metal shops, usually grinding gets it’s own room to avoid a ton of sharp metal dust that can mess up a bunch of other machinery. That’s why it really should stay behind the red curtain area.

I would like to see some of our CNC machines used more. We have several (including the big one that was just fixed) which receive very little use. Part of that was organization and ease of access to the machine itself.


I think Turing room was left empty 95% for the past 10 months (no exaggeration). For a while it was used for junk storage, which might decrease that % somewhat, but in terms of people usage, I’d say 95% empty. While it’s nice to have empty rooms (such as the fancy dining room in some homes or empty classrooms at certain private schools) I’m not sure we can justify this luxury. Regarding moving the machining tools to Turing I can expand significantly, but I can say most active users of the machine tools I have spoken to are happy with the change of location (and were unhappy with the situation of disarray and overcrowdedness in sparkleforge). If users of the machine tools (by which I mean mill, lathe, cnc, and maybe powder coater) do not like their new location I would love to hear and understand why but a lot of people were consulted.


Interesting - cool to hear your perspectives (@themanmaran / @David ).

I’ll admit that I’ve never used or been to an event in the turing room, but had thought about trying to do something in that space - holding a (smaller) meeting of sorts is now relegated to one of the more open spaces (which might not be a bad thing, anyhow). The fact that is has been empty mostly does say something about it though…

Personally, I don’t/haven’t used the milling/cnc related tools so the change doesn’t affect me very much - but I’m more trying to see if we can disambiguate being frustrated with “the move” or “the cleanup” and rather specify what exactly we think we needs to change or was maybe modified in a way that wasn’t really good in the long run. It feels like people are amenable to changing things (again) - which is part of what makes noisebridge so rad

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I just spoke with J (Javier, who teaches ableton) about the music area and asked about maybe helping to move certain parts of it back today. He said that while it would have been cool if more people were consulted, and that as a result a lot of stuff was unplugged and mixed up, he would rather let it chill for a bit and see what happens with it. He also said that one particular bench was used mainly by lazarello (maybe the analog music station formerly by the library) but that it had been unused for quite some time and gathering clutter. There is a chance maybe lazarello’s station could remain, other stuff could move, who knows… I’m going to wait for more users of the music area to chime in but I am happy to devote my labor any time (and once again was not involved with the move of music stuff).

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Paraphrasing my conversation with James - it seems like the music move resulted in an area that was prettier but not at all set up properly. I’d be interested to see if it is more usable if it were plugged up / organized like it should be.

One of the reasons for moving things back to the original area was the lack of room for classes to show up. That could potentially be solved by removing one of the tables and putting some items on shelves instead.

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Let’s fix the community first by reverting the changes, then learn the lesson to make a plan and circulate the plan before such wide spread changes are made in the future.

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It would be really helpful if people can be more specific about the changes that they do not like. I’m going to wait it out and I am more than happy to help once that happens. “Everything sucks” and “too many changes” is unfortunately not very helpful.

I offered to move music stuff back today as a good gesture but then someone who heavily uses and teaches from the music area said they would like it to stay where it is for now to see what happens.

Also, as an aside, I heard from Justin L.B. that a person in particular came in on SATURDAY and unplugged all the music stuff and shuffled it around (recklessly if not borderline maliciously), and that he had meticulously maintained everything plugged in but now this has all been undone. I will let JLB address this when he returns.


The main thing from my perspective is the metal working stuff moving out of the sparkle forge. The Turing room’s lack of a high power outlet, fire proof walls and floor tiles, and ventilation mean that it cannot be safely used for welding. While I understand that metal working can be noisy, and separating it from the laser cutter is something that we should definitely consider for the new space, it doesn’t make sense to lose a large portion of our capabilities on that basis alone.

A lot of volunteer time, effort, and money was put into building Sparkle Forge as a safe and code compliant place to weld and do metal working, so I think that undoing that work shouldn’t be taken lightly.


I agree with you and I think a lot of people agree on the points you outlined. Currently about 2/3 of welding and grinding stuff (we can call that “metal working”) has been moved back to sparkleforge. If the requirements you outlined are all in place (and permit collisions are averted) then this move can be considered again in the future but right now its untenable.


Also, people have brought up that grinding and welding produces hard abrasives that can damage precision mill ways and surfaces as Tyler mentioned earlier.