Cleaning Weekend! (Now with Pre-Move supplements!)


That’s right, It’s that time again! With extra pre-move bonus!

Noisebridge looks like shit right now. Let’s un-fuck it up. If you haven’t been to a cleaning weekend, they are great. There’s food, trash bags, things to throw out, floors to sweep, broken chairs to toss, all kinds of fun fun fun!

Starting (-ish) Jul 5 at noon and ending Jul 7 at 12:00 SHARP will let Sunday events happen. The space is closed except to people who actively clean.

We usually have area leads called “bottom liners” to handle each area. If you wan to help, bottom line an area and help get it clean. You won’t be the only one cleaning it!

We also need to get our move on, so to speak. I’m thinking we get some shrink-wrap and some 4’x4’ pallettes and start boxing up some books. Any other opinions here? Is there a cheap way to get a fork lift for day-of move? If not we can stack them in easy-to-dolly heights.

So we will need bottom-liners for:

  • Church/Turing
  • Hackshelves
  • Project Shelves
  • 3D Printing
  • Hackatorium/Lounge/Floors
  • Sewing
  • Electronics
  • Dirty shop
  • SparkleForge
  • Boxing up as many books as possible

If you bottom-line an area, you keep track of that area and make sure it’s clean to your standard, broken and useless things head to the trash piles.

It’s super fun, seriously, and a great way to give back to Noisebridge.

We will aim to get a truck and do a dump run Sunday morning.
We will need a ~3 boxes of contractor bags, those large rolls of shrink wrap (I thought we had 2 but not sure) and boxes. If no one cares I’ll get banker boxes, they stack relatively nice and hold a manageable weight of books.

Any other ideas, let me know!


I would add this to my google calendar but…

Now with Meetup!

And “add to calendar” link at the top!

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I mentioned I’d be happy to help in a different post but will be traveling out of town during this weekend, which makes me feel bad I said I would help, and am then not. I guess I will help out another time, sorry I can’t make it :confused:

Don’t worry, you can clean Noisebridge at your own convenience anytime! :smiley:

But really as we approach moving date there will be more and more opportunities to help pack too.

I think that having a pallet jack in the new place will make moving things around the bottom floor easier, also it will help with the moving of the stuff from NB to NNB

In order for us to fit things through doors I would recomend that we go with a narrow jack and half pallets.

THE PALLETS 32 in wide will fit through most 36 in doors.


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I don’t think I will be around for the 5th, but I can try and make myself available after that.

Also I think a jack might be a bit overkill. Most things we have could be moved with a handtruck or dolly. and everything would need to be pre-pallet’ed for a jack to be of any use. Maybe if we moved the reefer or the ngalac around more, or some of the shop equipment maybe?

:wink: I was trying to make a Google calendar outage joke… I didn’t mean to sound like I was cirtiqing your work on this post, but I can totally see that interpretation in hindsight.

how dare you.

Actually i totally interpretted it as a joke, i was literally writing up the meetup at the time so it was funny to me. But i guess only i had that info.

oh internet, why must you lack all context and make communication difficult! You were supposed to bring us together!

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We would use one if we had it, and the cost is nothing if it lasts enough time.

If we have a first floor with a roll-up door, we’ll be bringing in palletes of stuff or big equipment with it.

For 300 ish it’s worth it. It will make moving a large amount of smaller stuff easy if it’s pallettized and shrinkwrapped.

And apparently we can get one for 175 used

Makes it easier to receive and store all the Mate!

Oh, it’s coming. Don’t worry.