Cleaning / Packing Schedule

[Tentative] Cleaning schedule.

Hey everyone. Here’s my suggestion for a cleaning packing schedule over the next month to get Noisebridge ready for the move.

Keeping in mind:

  • Access to the space is limited to 4 people at a time. If we break each day into 2 shifts, up to 8 people can contribute each day.
  • Monday and Thursday are trash nights. This allows us to slowly get rid of trash throughout the month and hopefully not pay as much at the dump.

Safety Points

  • Maximum 4 people at a time
  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • At the end of each shift, spend the last 30 minutes sanitizing surfaces
  • A key idea is to allow time between cleaning days for air to circulate and surface contagion to die off.

Please vote below for what shifts you would be most interested in working.


  • Morning (8:00AM- 2:00PM)
  • Afternoon (3:00PM - 8:00PM)

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  • Morning (8:00AM- 2:00PM)
  • Afternoon (3:00PM - 8:00PM)

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  • Morning (8:00AM- 2:00PM)
  • Afternoon (3:00PM - 8:00PM)

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This schedule is subject to change based on request.

@james drat I thought we could see who selects which days. Is there a non-anonymous poll option?

Edit: nvm read the docs and figured it out

Thanks for starting this Tyler. I can see who voted by click “Results”

One other minor point, is I imagine we are more concerned about surface viruses dying than bacteria. Though understand what you meant. :wink:

Lol. Edited to contaminations to account for viruses and bacteria.

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Upon reflection, I think the term contagion would be best.

Ear marking Thursday morning +1, alternate could be Saturday.

If anyone is thinking Thursday afternoon let me know, otherwise would like to queue someone up for Saturday.

I’m confused by this thread, there are no dates, only days. Was this for last week then? Also there was a sign up sent out a while ago for people interested in helping with the move, is that data still being considered?

@mana I hear ya on this being a bit confusing, as it’s all still a bit of a work in caution.

I was there last Thursday and considering making that a more regular morning thing. @themanmaran has been pretty regular with a Monday morning, not sure if this holiday weekend throws that off or not.

You can message me directly if you want any help pointing to the general direction of who might be around when. Also noticed your “Music” tag, I think the audio area/gear could use a volunteer or two as well and @pyconaut is collecting volunteer interest for moving.

Thanks, I’m happy to help with the music area, I’m just confused about timing of things. I signed up on @pyconaut 's form some time ago I’m pretty sure. Maybe I’m missing something, but is there a clear schedule of when things are happening for the move listed somewhere? I’m not on slack anymore if that’s where I’d find it.

Is it possible to come for a narrower time slot (especially during weekdays)? I could come 6-9 pm on most weekdays.