Classes organization head

Hi classes/events people,

I am wondering if there is someone serving as point of contact for all the classes and events at noisebridge.

If so, I am excited to meet you. If not, is there anyone willing to step up and volunteer for it? Otherwise, I can do it.

This is part of the newly created guild for organizing all the different guilds and groups at noisebridge. We will have our first short meeting this Tuesday at 7:00pm! Please join us – See here for details.


There is! We just talked about it last night and someone volunteered but I forget who.

Sounds like @MoGh and this mystery person should chat.

@MoGh do you have access to the Meetup and editing the events wiki page?

I agree @gaardn, Tuesday at 7pm is the perfect time to chat.
I don’t have access to the Meetup and editing the events wiki page. We’ll figure it on Tuesday.

Maybe it was @ruthgrace you spoke with?

It wasn’t me!! Shoddy not :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I don’t want to be head of anything right now; I’m trying to step back from too many responsibilities


Whoever it is, I would also be interested in meeting you! I am a tech event producer looking to get involved in the community.

Can anyone point me to the person to talk to about events at Noisebridge?

Hey Josh! There is an Events Support thread on discuss. You can post an introduction there.

Also we will be discussing fundraising (events are a big part) Tuesday at 7. And we have a general meeting Tuesday at 8 that is a good way to introduce yourself.