Circuit Hacking Monday: IoT Wearable LEDs with M5Stack

Wearable LED Workshop with M5Stack - Beginners welcome!

​Transform your clothes into a high-tech outfit in this free IoT workshop; no experience required.

Luke Henderson from M5Stack will instruct you in programming neopixel (LED) strips with M5Stack and M5Stick. We’ll use Uiflow, an intuitive block programming interface ( - or you can use Python if you’re familiar with it.

This workshop is free to join. Donations to support the upkeep of the space are appreciated, but not expected. For those who want to take their kit home, material costs are discounted for the event, with a typical build being between $15-40

In the DIY community, we’re not the ones to be left out and always want to keep up with the latest technology while understanding how it works and how to hack it to do our bidding. Therefore we present this workshop on programming Neopixel strips and integrating sensors to add a level of interaction. Sound complicated? This workshop is a perfect introduction for fashion designers, aspiring product designers, crafting lovers, and students of all ages and abilities to learn about interaction design, wearable technology, and programming.

We are entering an age of augmentation. From smartwatches to e-textiles or even smart jewelry, the wearable market is promising, and the number of connected wearable devices worldwide is expected to jump from 526 million in 2016 to over 1.1 billion in 2022. This new industry requires people with a fashion sense, textiles expertise, electronics, and programming - fields that rarely cross-over.

What is M5Stack?
M5Stack is an ESP32 based modular development kit which has been designed to be stackable and expandable. It aims to make the journey from prototype to product a much easier one by removing barriers such as providing user-friendly IoT device interaction with the drag-and-drop Uiflow IDE.

What is M5Stick?
The new additions to the M5Stack family the M5stick and M5stick-C are finger-sized microcontrollers, purposefully built for wearable development.

If you’re curious to preview what we’ll cover, check out this cosplay costuming lights video:

Learn to solder, learn to make cool things with electronics. Hang out with cool hardware geeks at Noisebridge’s weekly Circuit Hacking Monday.

All ages, all skill levels, all are welcome at this Monthly event to give you inspiration to hack that project you’ve always wanted to work on. The goal is to make a project tonight and bring it home with you.

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Bonus activity:
We’ll likely need assistance in getting the VR area and Flaschen Taschen set back up after its foray into Maker Faire this weekend.

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