Circuit Hacking Every Monday

Hello there, I am getting ready to start/continue Circuit Hacking classes every Monday Evening.

What I’m going to do: Provide a structure around which modules built at any of our Monday classes can be used together and with Micro-controllers.

If anyone can help me with these things please comment:

    • People who know how to solder and how to help others learn how to solder.
    • Design a system of modules to teach a STEM related electronics path
    • To add better information on the Noisebridge wiki (How do I edit the page )

thank you for starting this up again!

Does anyone know if M5 wearable iot is still happening?


M5Stack was a one-off event by a crew of excellent hackers from Shenzhen. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Here’s some of the curriculum from the last person that did circuit hacking monday. I’m sure they’d be cool with you using it, even if just for inspiration. Just try to give some credit if you use his media. I think his contact info is on there if you also want to see if he’s developed any new stuff not in this folder, as I know he has continued to teach at his jobs and as a volunteer post when he was leading CHM.

Hopefully when it’s not circuit and hacker melting weather i’ll make it back to NB.

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