Chronic Sleeper

(Matt) #1

A chronic sleeper was caught once again in the space this morning. This person has been caught 5 times now, and the previous time they were told (by me) that they will not be welcome back if it happens again.

For reference, this is how they were found:

This person, Rigol, will be told they are no longer welcome next time I see them.

(Jarrod) #2

That is a bummer. Thank you for following up on this.

(Matt) #3

I have asked Rigol to leave, he has understood, and returned his token. He’s finishing his coffee and will leave after.

(Mana) #4

He came to the space, and based on this post I told him he’s not welcome anymore. He was surprised and thought I was being malicious or had some preconceived notions

(Matt) #5

Sorry about that. Did he leave? He’s cruising for an 86 at this point.

(Mana) #6

I met him at the front door and told him I couldn’t let him in. He left without arguing, just said I had some preconceived notions about what happened. I told him I was basing it off this post and he didn’t want to see it when I offered to share. He then asked for my name and left. He wasn’t over the top or anything but was defensive and took it like a personal thing I believe.

(tim) #7

Spoke to him about an hour ago as he was coming in through the first floor door. I told him that he was not allowed to sleep at NB due to zoning and that he should lay low and not come back for a week. He asked if he could get some water and use the bathroom. I said no because he’s likely to be 86’d if he shows up now, but I went upstairs to get him a water bottle and gave it to him. He understands that if he shows up in the next week or so or sleeps at NB again he’s risking getting 86’d now.

Edit - I also told him to look up the noisebridge wiki unexcellent page for Noisebridge guidelines.

(Matt) #8

No issue, but I already had told him he wasn’t welcome here anymore, and had previously warned him that he would be banned if he slept again.

For his sake, I’m fine to give him one more chance, but that’s it from my side, it’s literally chance 6.

(r) #10

He was sleeping in the space two days ago and came here again today. I asked him to leave and not come back since he has slept multiple times since he was made aware of the no sleeping policy, was told he would not be welcome back if he kept sleeping in the space, and was told by multiple people that it was not acceptable to sleep in the space. He continues to sleep in the space after being asked not to many times (7+ by my count), has come back multiple times after being asked to leave and is argumentative / makes excuses instead of leaving when asked to leave. Based on theses issues and discussion with people in the space, I intent to add him to 86.

(r) #11

I have added Rigol to 86. If anyone wants to talk in person about this issue, I’ll be around again this evening.