CHM Poster suggestion

@Roboto @pyconaut


I want this made into stickers and placed all over the new space.

Cool @themanmaran , could you please post the original design file as well. Would be fine to make iterations on this!

Um. It was MS Paint. I can try to save it as a bit higher quality.

Edit: Nope. Actually seems to have come in a little worse

But here’s a basic roberthead

It seems you can save it as XPS (vector) format from the print menu, as described here.

  • select Microsoft XPA Document Writer as your Printer.
  • Then press Print . From the menu change the File format as .xps (if it is .oxps)
  • Click Save.
  • Done.

Here it is in xps:

edit: xps support enabled on Discuss.
robertXPS.xps (201.6 KB)

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I’ll be printing this out :slight_smile: :grinning: