CHM Online

Come to the class on Monday to purchase or use parts, But I will be live streaming the table(focused on electronics) in front of me as well as my screen.

All questions normally asked in person will need to be asked online. contemplating using instagram as my camera on my phone is good and this ensures anyone else watching on their phone will actually be able to see what I’m doing.

Hmmm maybe try google hangouts or

Hey all CHMrs, to participate you will need to do 2 things:

  1. sign up over at
  2. click on the GoToMeeting link.On tinker cad please begin by playing with the first circuit until everyone arrives: importantly: JUST BEGIN, do not worry about if you will break anything, or if you are doing it correctly, it does not matter. You will have more fun and retain more if you just dive in and hack away.If you are still unsure make sure you are connected with me on go to meeting, share your screen with me, and I can talk you through how to get LIT !!!To connect Go To Meeting use this address: can also dial in using your phone.
    (For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.)
    United States: +1 (646) 749-3122


Circuit design B1 - Circuit

3D design ‘B1 - Circuit’ created by RoBear Abekos with Tinkercad.