CHM Circuit Hacking Mondays: misleading scheduling on two pages at

Circuit Hacking Mondays: Conflicting/misleading calendaring at
CHM is listed on one page as occurring every Monday, and listed on a 2nd page as occurring on the 3rd Monday:

  1. Listed as Every Monday:
  2. Listed as 3rd Monday:
    Attendees have been arriving on Mondays, and state they were told CHM occurs every Monday.

Thanks for finding that discrepancy.

it used to, it no longer does. The meetup is the official source, no other source is reliable. The CHM page is far out of date, I will add a note to it.

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I’m here to help anyone how needs help Circuit hacking tonight! We’ll just be focusing on learning bout the flaschen taschen and getting ready to tear it down tomorrow night.