Chiller not cool

Chiller is throwing E2: temp too high. waiting to see if it will cool sufficiently for class. will update later.

boots to 35C when it should be 22C. it’s got in here, but it’s not 100F in here.

it’s slowly ticking down so looks ok for now.

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This is the video I posted previously. I did not diagnose further. Likely chiller has dust in it and needs to be vacuumed out. Was someone using the laser with the alarm on? I had posted a sign alerting people of the danger of damaging the CO2 laser tube but removed it after a week or so of no alams. Probably good idea to put a new sign up.

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Oh cool the sign is still there. Thanks rando

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And… if the alarm persists the laser gets turned off until someone opens the chiller and fixes it (obviously)

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Someone had been using the laser, but stopped when the alarm went off and let me know. I saw the posted sign. Class went fine and the chiller is ok for now. i let the people who were going to cut after class know.

Thanks for posting the sign. I’m not able to deal with it today, not sure when I’ll be in next.