Chess night @ NB

There has been some good irl chess going on at the space from time to time. Would anyone be interested in coming by for some chess if we made a weekly meetup?

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You could call it hackmate

Sure! I could add an event. What day / time were you thinking?

Friday night?

The event has been created!. Let me know if you want to make any changes.

@culteejen Should that event be showing up somewhere on the NB website? Not seeing it on the homepage but I guess that’s primarily recurring events? Also the Meetup event is missing a location, which might be confusing for anyone who finds it via that site and isn’t familiar with us.

At any rate, for anyone nervous about the competition, there will be at least one person there (me) relying on a guide as to which of the pieces do what. I’m hoping to have someone to play against, so please come if you’re interested, no matter your skill level!

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I created a recurring Meetup page. I don’t actually have permissions to edit the front page, but I believe @sophia_wisdom is able and likely willing.

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Oh huh, I didn’t realize the calendar was actually on a separate page. Nevermind, edited the front page.

if virtual attendance becomes an option for this, I would love to play a few rounds with folks. Wouldnt be too hard to audibly say moves and I can put a camera over my wooden set for a cool streaming match!

How did it go? Is it a weekly event or was it one time?

It’s happening regularly. Not sure about tonight, given people are away.

any reply? from anyone?