Chair Donation to Noisebridge

Hi All,

So the good ppl who run the Secret Alley Coworking space (1 block from NB) have agreed to donate some nice office chairs to us.

I know Noisebridge has a fair number of office chairs at the moment, but let me say… our current chairs leave much to be desired in terms of comfort and style.

The proposed chairs for donation I think would be a good substitute and I can also lead the effort to remove sub-par chairs from the space after.

We are welcome to as many chairs as we want. I suggest we collect all but 2-3 which would mean an inflow of 16 chairs.

Please let me know.

A blury photo of said chairs is below:

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Barring objections I will aim to collect the chairs Friday afternoon. Please reply if you can help volunteer to move chairs.
(Pending Friday confirmation from ppl at SecretAlley)

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I think we should take them, they look nice! Also please just trash same number of chairs that you think are worse :slight_smile: Just don’t throw away fineline’s favorite chair…

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Heh heh, which one is that?
I think he will be there on Friday, so will ask. :slight_smile:

Last time we got rid of chairs it was just a matter of rolling them over to people at Mission and 18th. :smiley:

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Also, this assumes Secret Alley is ok with us going there on Friday. :man_facepalming: I will edit my text.

This is the link for Secret Alley, they do rent out offices, but don’t really advertise it. They also have a nice arcade room with vintage games. $40/month to visit those…

Let’s get nice chairs! This is great. Thank you Paul.

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Talking with some others, I realize we want nice chairs, but we have a lot of chairs.

We should have a plan for getting rid of these chairs, like where we taking them. Maybe Trash Warriors?

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There is a rather vibrant street market on 18th and Mission which is where we “donated” like 6 chairs in the past. I could also try to post it on craig’s list free, or find a repo service that might collect the chairs and other items for free (since they may refurbish and sell them)

Will pick up the chairs sometime between 2-4 on Friday. Come by to help and as a bonus get a tour of The Secret Alley, a cool space in itself with a lot of art left over from set designs (I guess). :smiley:

Some of the chairs, you have to spin around to make them increase in height, but they are comfortable.

Some of the other chairs were not that great.

We did roll 2 chairs out to 18th already, I will just slowly get rid of bad chairs in that way.

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thanks for doing this and getting us better chairs!!

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omg comfy chairs!! i especially love those kind that dont push on the upper back/neck area. what a score :slight_smile:

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