Census of Members for Consensus

Calling all Members in good standing and everyone in the furtherance of excellence.

As part of Consensus and roles of Secretariat, there needs be a known status and contact for all current Capital “M” members of Noisebridge. This is in the least so that we can form a properly recognized quorum of members for Consensus.

In addition all actively known Members will start to receive a weekly general meeting summary from secretary@noisebridge.net if you are Member and not receiving this please contact that email address with a request and relevant contact information. Secondary contact info such as a mobile number or public encryption key is appreciated.

If you would like to be publicly acknowledged or dissavoid of any such association please state as much in this thread, a reference to the general meeting in which your Membership was approved by Consensus will be considered suitable self-certification.

Feel free to reach out to me directly or indirectly through other means as well. If you know someone that may be a member, please pass this information along. Our totally legit actually working, usually checked voice mail hacker hot line is 415.900.hoax.

To clarify that, I am not referring to this as a new Consensus item, rather in service of existing Consensus.

Specifically Members should not be forced to identify themselves on the public wiki. NB has a paper Member folder for a good reason. The Secretary’s primary job is to maintain the accuracy of the Member List; public (i.e. extra-Noisebridge) identification must not be required for the Secretary to do this job. Relevant consensus item passed at Meeting_Notes_2013_11_12 and begins with "It shall not a secret…

Having survived the two week oh shit period etc, I can say and acknowledge publicly I am in fact a Member of noisebridge by Consensus on July 14th 2020 https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Meeting_Notes_2020_07_14#New_Members and acting as Secretary that makes for 1 publicly known Active Member, and there have been at least a couple of others at recent meetings.

I can also say that I have 5 or less other Active Members that I can contact and are willing and able to attend meetings.

I am an active member. And I can also drag in another member in good standing if needed.

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I am an active member, and can ping a few other members if needed.

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I read that first post twice and i still barely understand it (but also, its 3:14am) lol

Im a “Das Capital M” member tho, and ive been getting new emails…

Was that the question (?)

I don’t actually remember if I’m a M member of not.

I might still be a member! Not sure. Haven’t paid dues in a while and don’t live in the city and only get involved when someone needs an emergency backup person to do a bank account thing.

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A group @Members does exist on the forum. Participation in that group could be made public as a means of showing the names of active “M” members. Sound good?

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Ahhh, well that works, and no I don’t think it needs to be made or should be public, mostly working on figuring out how to better maintain this internally. And I wouldn’t expect this to become the official/verified list, but could be nice to help at least manage forming a quorum for consensus as needed which was part of my initial aim.

Ahahaha i remember writing that. Good times.

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