Categories name Change

Can we drop all the categories and let them arise organically? The most natural way is to create them as the need arises to separate distinct topics of conversation.

At a minimum I would like “electronics workbench” dropped, as it is not the proper term. I would prefer to let the Electronics Guild select it’s own category name.


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Which categories are you referring to @rando?

Yeah we don’t need a category for literally every square inch of the space. Let’s prune em down a bit. Definitely keep general. I like the fundraising/WG categories because it helps me keep fundraising notes in one place for all to read

I thought a bit more about this, and how about we have an Announcement category at least? It can be set up just like the existing announcement list, where everything needs manually approved. After that maybe it gets wired up to Twitter.

Edit: okay I did it, please delete it or bug me if you disagree :purple_heart:

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Is it possible to add or remove batch categories from something like a spreadsheet? Any help appreciated.

Manually adding and removing categories is very tedious, but I am working on removing the physical layout + sub-categories section as recommended by @rando. Perhaps we can better use tags, as mentioned by @tdfischer.

My though now is for there to ideally be some semblance of usable categories, which relate to Noisebridge.