Cash Collections: 7/30/2020: $1,110.00

Nice stack of ca$h! $$ Thanks for counting it Tyler. :slight_smile: I may have found some penny rolls as well. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, thanks to cool hacker for the extra $25 :moneybag:

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Cash Collections: 8/27/2019: $194.00

Not as great of haul as most weeks. I believe everyone is off at BurningMan

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Yeah, they already had to pay like $1000 for a ticket. :wink:
Thanks for counting cash as always Tyler + crew. :slight_smile:

Cash Collections: 9/03/2019: $196.00

Alright people! Come back from vacation and throw some cash at NoiseBridge

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If we keep this up, it is going to be interesting to see the year over year. Then we can make up summer NB festivals to bolster revenues. :wink:


Cash collection October 1st, 2019 , $376
Note: $80 were Alex’s dues…

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Cash Collections: 10/08/2019: $288

-Oragami donations shine like stars of cash.
-The $2 bill donator is back
-Cash value of banans not included in sum total, but much enjoyed by attendees of the Hackitorium today.

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Cash Collections: 10/15/2019: $336.00

Cash Collections: 10/22/2019: $380.00

Cash Collections: 10/29/2019: $514.00

(Ignore the sticky note. I’m bad at math)

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Nice week! Thanks for counting and stowing as always Tyler! :slight_smile:

Any theories on the increase?

Maybe movie night brought in a good crowd?

Still. Not bad. Hopefully it continues to trend up.

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Cash Collections: 11/05/2019: $326.00

Cash Collections: 11/13/2019: $177.00

Missed my typical Tuesday schedule on this one. So this is across 8 days. Very low amount of cash this week.

*edit to sticky note - I found an extra dollar!

Yeah, the city seems quiet with the holidays already. Thanks for collecting! :slight_smile:

Cash Collections: 11/19/2019: $281.00

Cash Collections: 12/03/2019: $520.00

Also this donation comes with the request to purchase more argon:

Cash Collections: 12/10/2019: $327.00

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Cash Collections: 12/17/2019: $195.00

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Cash Collections: 3//2/2020: $841.00 (20 days)

Sorry haven’t been updating this channel for a bit. Was tracking the cash in excel but forgot to post. Also got off my weekly schedule. After the holidays.

As far as trends go - December / January were pretty slow on cash donations. But the space felt pretty dead those months, so not surprised. Last ~30 days has been $40 - $42 daily average. Just a bit below the annual $45/day average.

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