Cash Collections: 7/30/2020: $1,110.00

Ongoing cash tracking:


Cash Drop: 6/7/19: $268.00

(The note was wrong - we found an extra dollar!)


Last week was $575 - this week $268. Average across 2 weeks is $60/day. Since may $381/week is the average.


Hmm, it is still down by about half compared to last week. :thinking:

I guess last week was just a good week? :man_shrugging: You are right, maybe it is just averaging out.

As long as there is no new cash thief.

It will be interesting to see if there are larger donations towards the end of a month too…

Thanks for the benchmarks.

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More data === more insights. We’ll see how the next month pans out.


Cash drop: 6/14/19: $231.00

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Thanks Tyler!
Looks like the average is trending to $40 again. I guess we can see a boost in cash per events. Might be nice to start to understand what increases cash donations.

Edit: Were there any special event(s) the week of May 16th?

I think the 16th - 23rd donations were skewed higher by a couple large donations (there were some $20’s rolled up together). I’m looking into ways that we can draw more cash from events, but one of the biggest drivers is making sure people plug donations at these events. Otherwise people forget to donate.
I know the guy who teaches the Python class does an excellent job of that. We just need to get all our events/classes on that schedule.

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Cash Collections: 6/22/2019: $560.00

We received a $300 check from Alta Vista School. As well as some priceless artwork!


Hmm a personal check, a $50, and umm… etc…

Thanks Tyler

There were three $50’s in that pile!

Maybe the artwork attracts $50s? :slight_smile: :fuckinglookatthisrainbowsheep:

Cash Collections: 6/29/2019: $390.00


Thanks Tyler! I also used the paypal QR code this week.
We should really order the paypal card reader and get a tablet set up somewhere too. :slight_smile:
I can volunteer on the tablet if you order the card reader. :slight_smile:

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Cash Collections: 7/08/2019: $225.00

Thanks as always Tyler!
Any word on ordering a paypal credit card reader?
Also, I wonder if we want to try A/B test signage around dropping cash. I mean, I think I will start to do that. :smiley: #doocracy

Cash Collections: 7/16/2019: $467.00

Counted with @themanmaran


Cash collected Tuesday July 23.

Total $262
Including 5 crisp $2 with sequential serial numbers… :fuckinglookatthisrainbowsheep:


Cash collected Tuesday July 30.

Total $439

Edit. Also thanks to @tim for helping with cash collection and counting. :slight_smile:

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Are those more sequential $2’s!