Capp Street access

Hi! Rode past the Capp Street location. Didn’t bring my key for 2169 and I didn’t see a card reader so I’m not sure that’ll even work.

So what’s the plan for physical access? Is that even a thing yet?

There was an RFID scanner in the works:

I think the code was mostly done. Just need to get the parts for it.
@croepha and maybe @the would have the best thoughts on this I believe.

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This was discussed at the last meeting as well. There was not any clear direction on when or how we would specifically start to re-open. We are still inviting volunteers to schedule times that they are available to help move, clean and sort the space(s).

I believe @fnord & I can start to facilitate volunteer co-ordination a couple of days a week, say Tuesday/Thursday from around Noon-7p. Anyone else able to offer more than a few hours any given day, and able to be responsible for access and necessary safety protocol please chime in. cc: @mister_nobody @pyconaut @culteejen @Roboto @Keiarra @alchemist

Anyone interested in spending time at the space, even if you have already been there, I would highly suggest scheduling a Safety and Security orientation, I’m available most days with some notice and can be messaged directly, or by text thru the Hacker Hotline 415.900.4629.

Obligatory legal disclaimer:
Noisebridge (2169 MIssion St.) is closed, we continue to work in small teams to prepare the new space. Due to pandemic and general stay at home orders we have not officially begun our lease term on 272 Capp St. We do have limited access for maintaining the space and equipment as well as light construction. Please continue to contribute your input and participation thru our on-line forums and our Weekly Tuesday (Remote) meetings.

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I can volunteer Sundays, perhaps 9-4?

Sweet, I’m getting a covid test as part of a company policy tomorrow so given the likely negative results I can come by tomorrow early evening and check things out.

On Mondays I’m going to stream from the electronics room at 7pm and will be in the space but out of action as it pertains to answering the door for anyone, this is so I do not have to be responsible for that random. If you have a key then good. If you want in the space an I trust you enough, arrangements will need to be made before I start class.

As for getting people in and monitoring them directing and guiding I can help Wed evening/Fri into sat…and plan to build shelving ect on sat/sun…

Its going to take another 3 weeks for this to be full steam for me as ill be helping my family with raising 6 motherless 1 week old puppies… Mondays chm are guaranteed, and everything else is a bonus for me

Whelp, I got a negative covid test but I’ll be stuck at work until evening so likely won’t make it tonight. I can come by in the afternoon tomorrow.

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awesome! whats the stream link? Mike is asking me whats new.

sounds good - I will be there this Sunday (October 18th) to facilitate

Updates from @croepha on slack:

This looks great! I’ve got passably good at ordering/assembling/printing electronics things during quarantine. I could order parts. I also have a personal interest in building an NFC scanner so I can realize a life goal of using my implant to unlock a door.