Can someone mail me a patch?

Hi there,
Noisebridger-Emeritus here, living in Berlin and all that. Anyways, I saw a friend’s Noisebridge patch a little while ago and realized it would be perfect for the (diaper) bag I’m working on. Could someone mail me a patch? I’ll reimburse any costs + a pizza for your trouble.

If so, send me a DM.

–Yesac / Casey

I will take a look around Noisebridge today for a patch.
I will accept re-imbursement via paypal? The pizza money can go to Noisebridge. ;p

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So 2 people looked and we could not find any patches.

Here are the options:

  1. Wait for us to move and hope we find some patches as we are packing up things.

  2. Order a bunch of patches to our US location then I will mail you one to Germany.

  3. Order 1 custom patch to yourself.

  4. Order a bunch of patches to yourself and then sell/gift them.

  5. Patch the patches with patches. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for looking! If you find one during the move, or if another order happens, do keep me in mind. But everyone has much more important things to worry about right now.

Good luck with the move! I’ll send over a donation over soon.

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Patches were custom ordered years ago if I remember correctly. We need to do a nee order soon anyways or get the stuff nessasary to use our embroidery machine for that.

I think mitch or one of the older noisebridgets got them in 2014 or earlier. We are very low in specialty merch. I’ll check if I can make any on our merch websites.

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I already checked Zazzle and they don’t do patches, but I can look around. :slight_smile:

I’ll check threadless.

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