Can someone give me access to Noisebridge github and wiki?

I’d like to make contributions to infrastructure when I think of them. How can I get added to these orgs? I can’t even create my own personal noisebridge wiki page at the moment.

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You should be able to edit your own page by clicking your name on the top left after logging in. This is what it looks like when I’m logged in:

I don’t think you even need to make an account for most wiki edits. Some pages are protected and only users with accounts a certain age or admins can edit, but I don’t think there are that many.

What’s your GitHub username? I think I’ll be able to add you

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post relevant info like birthday, mother’s maiden name, logins we could use to give you permissions, street name of first house lived at, etc

EDIT: this is a new account / testing it out.

Darn, I’m looking at the #wiki channel in Slack and looks like creating new pages is disabled until you have a certain number of edits under your belt (due to spam). I think the thing to do (for whoever wants to work on this) is to check if the mediawiki can be configured with exceptions to this, like for your own user page.

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@jay Try now.

@ruthgrace Auto-granting is weird. There’s an email confirm step which got me, you have to confirm your email separately than just signing up with said email. it’s not intuitive.



Still doesn’t seem to work.

yeahni didn’t have your login info the first time, was telling Jay, but now you should be good for that. if you want GitHub, give me your github

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Most excellent. Thanks!