Camera in Turing

Running Cameras (or microphone, or otherwise any non-consensual recording) goes against long standing norms at Noisebridge. If you want to change those norms, do so with annoucement.

Please do not run a camera without notifying everyone, and please to not point it into the center of rooms, point it to walls.


Hi Matt did you take Michael’s camera? Was he really recording the room?? If you did take his camera please give it back he is looking for it and doesn’t know where it is. I believe he was using it to monitor his 3d print (probably obvious to you but not mentioned in your valid post). You should also be aware that laptop computers also have cameras in them, as well as to my understanding the VR setup, also microphones in phones…(be very afraid when someone leaves for the bathroom) … but a much easier and nicer way to deal with this sort of thing is to leave a note, cover it with tinfoil or tape, not to confiscate something when you know well that was going and not let them know. Unless of course your intention is bullying/grandstanding which I assume it is not. Also, there is a long standing tradition of not videoing people but there is in fact precedent for videoing objects as is stated by wall propaganda and on the 86 list when someone was video taped stealing from the donation jar.


The majority of your post is unrelated and/or speculation.

Cameras go against the norms. We have Cameras, like NGALAC is set up to stream. It is also (supposed to be) set up to face a wall. This camera wasn’t. You depend heavily on false equivalencies in your rhetoric which just take too much time to answer individually.

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Hi Friends,

A new camera has been donated to the project. :heart:


Thanks very much, Jay! <3

Matt - could you please either leave the original camera by the new 3D printing station in Sparkleforge, or directly state that you did not take it from Turing?

Please try and understand my perspective here:

  • the camera goes missing, and the 3D printing station is partially dismantled, after being up for 3 days
  • your post warning against setting up cameras in Turing appears immediately after the camera vanishes
  • you’ve publicly expressed a desire to dismantle things in the space which you feel don’t belong there
  • when questioned, you seem to avoid directly denying that you took the camera

I don’t really know you, or whatever ill feeling may exist between you and other members of Noisebridge. I’m not trying to stir up trouble - just trying to find out what happened to a piece of equipment that I donated to the space.