Call for Events, Classes, Workshops For The Music Space

Any folks out their have an idea and would like to host a Class (onetime or ongoing) , Workshop or small Event they think would fit well in regards to Music, electronic Multi Media (visual or sound), or even Film,Film making that would fit well in the music room?

Just attended a meeting yesterday with my colleague at Noisebridge. We brought up during the discussion that we’d like to throw our electronic ambient music event on the 30th as a way to give proceeds back to this open space. If all goes well and people respond well to the space we’d love to help collab with future events and music/sound related things.

The event we have planned is called, The Rundown, and we are PoundSound collective.

Lookin for a member that would like to sponsor this and chat with me during the week @ Capp.

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I could probably do a one-off virtual class on beginner audio recording using Reaper ( If there’s interest and someone wanted to promote it