Building an airplane. Advice?

Hi! We’d like to build parts of an airplane (yes, real full-size single-engine 4 people aircraft) from a DIY kit in the Noisebridge. Does anybody have experience / recommendations for a project of the scale? I am mainly concerned with the place for storing partially assembled components. For the curious here’s the link to the short summary of the work that is planned:
The tools that are missing we will buy and donate to NB after finishing the work.

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Have you been to NB and measured the space to confirm you can fit it in pieces both in the space and though the doors? 14’ makes for some difficult maneuvers getting around the turns in the stairwell.

You’d certainly be able to do a lot of the construction in the space, but will need a bigger space later on.

The longest thing I’ve ever brought in the space were 13’ long sections of steel tube. Those were a pretty tight fit up the stairs. They wouldn’t fit in the elevator.

@tdfischer @hicksu yep! We went to NB - getting the wings down the stairwell should be doable, and they won’t be crazy heavy. The thing we’re puzzling about is where to put them while we’re in the process of working - perhaps hanging from the ceiling in the long hallway?

At any rate, space-wise it seems possible, its just how much we’re going to annoy the community while we have big ole airplanes bits around/the air compressor running/other fun stuff.

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What is your timeline on building this plane? We’ve just been touring some potential new NoiseBridge homes, and they all had large garage spaces. One place even looked a bit like an aircraft hanger.

If the project could wait till August - there may be much more available space!

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Wе аre planning to start in early June, but will start with smaller parts, so large components can likely wait till August!

Also, yay large space for Noisebridge! :smiley:

I think storing stuff suspended is a good idea.
It seems like you’re planning to spend a decent amount of time in our shops. This can be good for the shops - we used to have someone running a sewing business out of the sewing area and it was really nice for the area. Having a resident or consistent person who can kinda keep that area in order, make sure stuff worked, give a few mins of training to people trying to use the space, etc really can cut down on the chaos.

If you can offset the annoyance of taking up so much time and space by being excellent and contribute to those shops and nb in general, then it seems great!


If the wings are light weight I’d bet you could lower them out a window. I’d say try to determine exactly how much space you will need to store parts other than the wings, and exactly where that space might be. Just trying to imagine the scope of the project - I assume you’re only going to be working on one section at a time and storing most parts elsewhere? [EDIT: I couldnt open your plans yesterday I thought your wings were going to be composite, but only the landing gear assembly is so much less worried about cure time]. Really cool project, hope you can at least do some of it at Noisebridge!

please sign me up for the Noisebridge Aviation Guild thanks

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