BUIDL Night @ Noisebridge
Hosted by Kinnard from Cryptoforest + BitBox

What happens when hackers from the most woke movement in the world coalesce with hackers of the most woke hacker space in the world??

Come BUIDL your heart out for the weekly cryptoforest hack night @ noisebridge. Whether you’re a crypto-anarchist or an anarchist cryptographer or really anyone who likes buidling excellent things (or people who do that) this event is for you.

For the inaugural BUIDL night we’ll be deploying Ethereum smart contracts to the Blockchain.

• What we’ll do:
-Demonstration of how to use Metamask
-Get Testnet Ether !
-Step through a simple contract
-Use Truffle to compile a Smart Contract
-Deploy a contract to an Ethereum Testnet
-Use Etherscan to verify a contract and interact with it

Who knows what we’ll do next week! Noisecoin???

• What to bring:
Snacks, drinks (beer/wine), your laptop, and your most excellent doocratic spirit.

• Important to Know:
Noisebridge deserves your ardent support, it’s a spiritual rock for hackers in the Bay Area and around the world

• Other cities:


What does ‘woke’ mean?

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