Brony - VPS running Debian 11 Bullseye now available

Wiki Page created. Migrated #unicorn rsa keys for @fnord @bfb @mana @culteejen to get started. Please invite others!
Tested my old rsa key and they work just fine. No password allowed for SSH connections. Right now it is running a basic, hardened SSH server on Debian 11 Bullseye with 5.10 stable kernel and tmux, ufw, podman, docker and docker-compose.

An advantage of this system if it gives us an excuse to take useful software we’ve tested on Unicorn and give it a more stable, secure home. Also includes a more modern LTS kernel with support for stronger SSH cryptography and wireguard.

Low hanging fruit…

  • Sort out DNS as we did on Unicorn
  • Connect to nginx on Unicorn
  • Migrate over minetest @mana
  • Migrate over scuttlebutt ssb @James
  • setup photoprism as requested by @themanmaran
What do you think of these ideas?

Continue using Unicorn for test services.
Do not cause unneccessary vulnerabilities on this system.

  • This means no rc.d or apache.

Let’s use ~/services directory with containers.
Migrate all existing docker setups to docker-compose via
Migrate all docker-compose files within ansible playbooks