Blockchain @ NB

What blockchain related things are comrades working on/studying/etc in your free time? I’ve noticed that we seem to have quite a bit of overlap between Noisebridge and local blockchain communities (Starfish etc). On the wiki there is mention of an Ethereum Study Group that doesn’t seem to be active at the moment – any interest in getting it going again?

I’ve been fascinated with blockchain tech for a couple of years now, after getting exposed to the Blockchain at Berkeley deep dives into blockchain topics.

Currently I am trying to learn the Solidity language of Ethereum based smart contracts by going through the Mastering Ethereum textbook (

Longer term I am hoping to figure out how to build a way where donations from a wider range of crypto currencies and tokens could be turned into donations for Noisebridge. (It appears that the infrastructure is set up for Bitcoin Core donations, but not for donations of Ethereum or other currencies.)