Blockchain and Crypto.* Meetup


Let’s chat about all things blockchain and crypto{ graphy | currency | economics | nomicon | zoolology}!

When and where?

Starting March 3rd and biweekly on Wednesdays, we (and by we I mean I) will hanging out in starting at 8:00 PM PST. Come hang out and talk about your favorite topics in blockchain and crypto.*

Will anyone be there?

I will :raising_hand_man:. I’m a very enthusiastic hacker who spends way too much time diving into the deep dark world of academic cryptography and consensus to bring the nuggets of actually-implementable-not-bullshit to the rest of us. (One of my more recent projects has been to standardize the usage of error correcting codes in Bitcoin wallet phrases, so if that’s interesting to you, I’d love to chat about it) During my working hours, I am a protocol engineer for a company working on a mobile-optimized cryptocurrency solution.


aaaaarrr @themanmaran unleash teh kraken!

Oops, when I said March 3rd, I meant February 25th! Why wait so long?!

Sounds good - just wondering if you might have meant to write February 24th (this Wednesday) …?

(February 25th being Thursday … which could also work fine - for me at least :^)

Wednesday the 24th! (8:00pm PST)

(God I wish I could get dates straight :sweat_smile:)

So what I’m hearing is, this Wednesday the 24th of February 2021, 8pm PST.

Also known as Noon, Thursday February 25th, across the big 'ole bay in Hong Kong.

Will any helium be provided?

And how will that affect my BTC futures?


BTW FWIW; here’s the state of blockchain basic internets competency:

This is what that post looked like trying to edit, and get it’s source sniffed by discourse; it’s 2021 people, where is my PREVIEW! I’m sure at least they’ve nailed the accessibilty support.
==SNAP ==