Blender Class Shortcuts Poster Support

Hey folks! I have been running the Blender class for a few weeks now. I stumble upon cool stuff all the time. Recently I found the mother of all infographs for Blender Shortcuts, and my lord it is beautiful and utilitarian af.

I was hoping to get an A0 size version of the Infograph printed and framed in NB in a convenient location (Links of file and size guide at the end). I need help with:

  1. Finding resources for printing
  2. Fundraising for getting the vector illustrator file of the infograph (the free .png file will not be enough for A0 size)
  3. Fundraising to get it printed and either framed or laminated
  4. Deciding a nice place to put the infograph

Hopefully, this can lead to reimagining a space within newbridge for software based classes at NB because I currently only use a makeshift corner table as the setup. I like robust setups such as those you might find at UCLA at student resource centers. So yeah! Would love people’s help with this :slight_smile:

Blender Infograph Link: Learn Blender with a poster infographic -
A0 size guide:

p.s. I hold my class every week on Sundays! You can find the WIki here: Blender Class - Noisebridge

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Hey everyone! Good news!

TLDR: Bought the vector version of Blender Shortcuts Poster (Link below for all). Now need to print it in A0 and find a spot in NB to put it. Also need suggestions for having a better A/V class arrangement since the class is becoming bigger. Support needed. Thanks.

Thanks to your support I was able to buy and download the vector version of the Blender Shortcuts Poster (2020 version). It cost 7 euros only for a one time license. I am sharing the vector file with everyone below.


Google Drive file.

The next step is printing it out on A0 size, either on glossy paper or panaflex and then either hang it at NB or first frame it and then put it on some wall. Need suggestions and resources for this.

Also, I have also noticed that the class is becoming bigger. I would love to have some more support regarding having an AV classroom arrangement that is comfortable for all. @miromi 's sharing of Repetitive Stress Injury was great and it would be nice to be mindful of these things.

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This is so great! I will also print out the small version on my color laser printer… hmm this feels like a good topic for a zine or comic (helps me learn) with a Noisebridge theme.